About us


Howdy everyone! 👋 We’re Amy & Bryce, the creators of GoodEgg™

We started GoodEgg because we have a passion for backyard animals and sustainable, local food. We love our little flock and the eggs they provide our family. We also LOVE that we can keep our eggs fresh for many weeks on the counter, but when it comes time to eat them, cleaning and sanitizing a delicate egg with its unique surface and shape is honestly not a fun chore.              

Van Leuven Family Photo

As my fellow homesteaders know… cleaning the eggs can be a total pain! 

They’re often caked with mud, feathers, poop, or all three! And even if they aren’t visibly dirty, I think we all know where they came from…a butt. Food that came from a butt, that was laid outside on the ground or in a nesting box. Even the cleanest nesting boxes have the potential to host all kinds of bacteria. I think you get the picture! And while the inside of the egg is as clean as you can get, it’s the outside of the egg that needs to be cleaned and sanitized. So, we did what any modern homesteader would do… we went online to buy a purpose-built egg brush. But nope, no egg brush. We couldn’t find anything actually designed for eggs on the market, so we got to work designing one of our own.

We brainstormed, we sketched, we worked with industrial designers and probably made 50 different prototypes. Then…finally! We had it! A perfect little flexible silicone brush that cleans eggs QUICK and EASY!

GoodEgg industrial 3D design image

We filed a patent and named it GoodEgg™

We were getting ready to launch our new family business when life threw us a curveball. While pregnant with our second daughter I was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer. We put launching GoodEgg on hold so we could focus on my pregnancy and my healing. Our little girl was born tiny but mighty! Healthy and perfect in every way. After many more months of IV chairs, supplements, and therapies, and staying hyperfocused on recovery I received scans that showed I was in remission! In one year I was able to go from metastatic Stage lV cancer to clear scans. I think it’s safe to say that we believe in miracles. 😊

We were finally able to bring GoodEgg to the world 🥚✨

My cancer journey really opened my eyes to how little is available to help people with the everyday financial struggles they experience while in the fight of their lives. It became my dream to be able to give back to these amazing warriors so that we can help lift that burden for them, even if it’s just a little bit. We know firsthand how big of a difference a little help can make. So, we started a fund called GoodEgg Gives and are committed to donating 10% of our profits directly to helping the people and families affected by cancer for the life of our company.

10% of all profit will go to families affected by cancer. Forever

We hope to help tens of thousands of “yolk folk” realize just how easy cleaning eggs should be. We hope you’ll subscribe to our email and texting list to stay in touch. Help us share the coolest new thing to hit the coop…your family & friends will thank you!

From our flock to yours,

Thanks for being a good egg. 🥚

Amy and Bryce Thank you note