GoodEgg Gives


I’m Amy Co- Founder of GoodEgg! GoodEgg Gives was inspired by my personal journey with cancer. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of Breast Cancer during my second trimester of pregnancy. Obviously, this hit our family pretty hard…carrying our second daughter and having a Stage lV cancer diagnosis is heavy stuff! Though this was a lot to handle on every level, we did our absolute best to stay positive and used that energy to give me strength to heal and deliver our healthy baby girl. All things considered I am incredibly blessed and grateful for the experiences that I’ve had. It taught us so much on such a deep level that we wouldn’t have been able to comprehend otherwise, and we are better because of it.  

Amy standing at the beach while pregnant

Even though we were very adamant on remaining positive, we were parents, we were homeowners, I was finishing grad school, we had a homestead with animals to care for, we had bills to pay, and groceries to buy etc. Not to mention that I took many alternative/holistic approaches to treating my cancer and those were not covered by our health insurance. We realized how amazingly helpful it was when neighbors brought us dinners, or offered to watch the kids. When strangers dropped off groceries at our house, or when folks chipped in to help pay for alternative therapies. These little things added up and meant the world to us. Though it was still no walk in the park, our community had our backs. It empowered me to put more attention and focus onto what I needed to do to maximize my treatments and my healing. The less I had to worry about everyday expenses, meals, etc…the more I could channel that energy into recovery. 

Amy in a hospital bed with brand new baby Wren

 And friends…it’s working! I was diagnosed in May 2022 and as of June 2023 I am NED (no evidence of disease). I’m still healing…we are still monitoring and I will be working hard to make sure I don’t have recurrence. But I’m personally very confident that I won’t. And now, the time has come! We are so honored to have the opportunity to give back and help others who are in the fight and need a helping hand. Our goal is to help others put more focus on healing and less on financial stressors! 

Amy riding a horse with one of her Children

GoodEgg Gives is a corporate advised fund through the Community Foundation of Utah. Working with CFU allows us to donate to multiple charities that align with our mission. Going this route will allow us to help many more people much sooner! Our mission is to give DIRECTLY to individuals and families affected by cancer. 10% of all profits GoodEgg receives goes to our fund as do any donations made. While donating to cancer research and hospitals has it’s place….the people who REALLY need the money are the ones who are actually in the fight. 

Community Foundation of Utah

Thank you for your time. We wish you happiness and health wherever you may be! If you would like to donate we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Be well friends, and thanks for being a good egg!