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Crack the code on some eggcellent questions

Is GoodEgg Wash actually better than water?

You bet it is. The mixture of minerals and all natural enzymes have been purposefully chosen to break down proteins, increasing degradation of feces (you know, bird poop) and other biological material. Just like it's important to you to know where your food comes from, it's important to know your food is clean as well.

What is an enzyme?

An enzyme is a natural protein and they are found in ALL living things. There are many types of enzymes in nature and each serves a unique and vital purpose. Without enzymes there would be no life, no digesting food, no ripening fruit. Picture an enzyme like a fork and knife. Enzymes latch onto large molecules and break them into smaller molecules. For example, an enzyme can latch onto an Ammonia Molecule (NH4), which is harmful to human and animal health, and break it into the smaller molecules of Nitrogen (N) and water (H2O). Nature uses enzymes to keep environments balanced. Inorganic chemical compounds are made to mimic natural enzymes.

 I buy eggs from the store, aren’t they clean?

As clean as the last hands that touched them. 🤧🤮💩🤒😮‍💨

Do I really need to wash my backyard eggs, they seem so clean?

Everything is ultimately up to you, but like we tell our kiddos... you're free to make choices but consequences are automatic. We think it's a good thing to clean eggs before your family eats them. We believe it's even better to use all natural enzymes to kill and remove any nasties that might be making babies on your egg's shell.

Does GoodEgg work with big eggs, or super small eggs?

GoodEgg comes in two sizes to accommodate nearly every chicken or duck egg. It’s made from a material that’s specifically engineered to flex so it can even work with super small chicken eggs too.

Will GoodEgg work on caked-on dirt?

GoodEgg has 650+ silicone nubs designed to remove dirt, poop, and feathers. It also has a scrubbing edge for those stubborn caked-on messes.

Is GoodEgg food safe?

GoodEgg is engineered with silicone that’s designed to come in contact with food safely.

How can I clean GoodEgg?

GoodEgg is dishwasher safe! Simply pop GoodEgg inside-out, toss it into your dishwasher’s utensil tray, and run it through a normal cycle. If you don’t have a dishwasher, popping GoodEgg inside-out and soaking or rinsing with soapy water will clean and sanitize it.

What is GoodEgg made from?

Good Egg is engineered silicone that’s designed to be completely safe for food handling. The material strikes the perfect balance between flexibility (to work effectively with all the different sizes of eggs) and durability (to clean even caked-on messes).

What size GoodEgg should I pick?

Great question! If you look at the egg chart on each of the brush pages, we'd recommend the SM-MED GoodEgg for eggs 50g or less and MED-LG GoodEgg for eggs 50g or more.

Is the Enzyme Cleanser food safe? 

You bet it is, it's been made specifically to clean eggs and not penetrate the shell! It's also 99% organic and bacteria-free.

Is the Enzyme Cleanser refillable?

We're glad you asked! Our foaming bottle is refillable, and we'll be offering a subscription where you can have your refills sent to your house automatically.

Is the Enzyme Cleanser safe for my hands?

Absolutely, and we've had a lot of users report their hands feel softer after washing their eggs because the Enzymes break down dead skin cells as biomaterial. How's that for a nice side effect? We would recommend rinsing your hands when you're done.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We're so confident that you'll love the GoodEgg that we're offing a 1-Year Replacement or Refund Warranty to make sure you're happy.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

Not satisfied within the warranty period? We'll refund you! Order the wrong size of GoodEgg? We'll exchange it. It's that simple.

Do you ship international?

We are working on it. We are going to spin up international shipping country by country. If we don't ship to yours yet, please contact us and we'll work to bring it online as soon as we can!

Can I buy extra GoodEgg Wash?

Of course! We will have refills available shortly, in the meantime you're welcome to repurchase our GoodEgg Wash bottle.