The original GoodEgg Brush and Wash easily clean and sanitize homegrown eggs.

Say goodbye to chicken coop nasties.

  • Scrubbing nubs

    With over 650+ scrubbing nubs cleaning eggs has never been faster.

  • image of a fork and knife on a plate illustrating dishwasher safe

    Food-Grade silicone is nearly infinitely reusable and dishwasher safe.

  • sparkling clean egg image

    Our 99% organic cleanser will not penetrate the eggshell

the GoodEgg Brush with an arrow pointing to it that says "the perfect brush"

The GoodEgg Brush

Say hello to the future of egg washing. 🥚 The Original Egg Brush™ is thoughtfully designed with 650+ silicone nubs to scrub away the little nasties clinging to your eggs as effectively, efficiently, and easily as possible. The Patent Pending nest design allows for easy drainage and passive air flow. And bonus: when you need a little extra oomph, 💪 you can squeeze the rim and use one of the many rib like squeegees around the bottom edge to spot clean.

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picture of the GoodEgg Wash on a bamboo cutting board surrounded by backyard eggs and flowers

Eggcellent Cleanser

GoodEgg Wash breaks down organic contaminants through the power of naturally derived enzymes. And bonus: this 99% organic food-grade cleanser will not penetrate the shell.🥚 GoodEgg Wash contains no soap, no bleach, and no foaming agents. Seriously, it's a no brainer. 🧠 With GoodEgg wash, say goodbye to the days of struggling to scrub off glued-on mud, poop, and feathers.

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10% of all profit goes to families affected by cancer. forever.

GoodEgg Gives

As part of our company, and personal journey, we are donating 10% of all profits to individuals and families affected by cancer. We know first hand how just a little bit, can truly help. Thanks for being a good egg!

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