Why GoodEgg?

Eggs are Amazing.... and super gross!

Bloom shakalaka!

Nature protects the inside of the egg with a special protective coating called “the bloom” as it exits the bird’s cloaca (aka vent, aka chicken butt...hole). The bloom keeps contagion from penetrating the shell and allows eggs to be stored at room temperature for weeks. It also means the egg is fine beneath the bloom. But on the surface there may be poop, mud, bacteria, viruses, straw, feathers, or a whole fam damnily of contaminants!

Chicken reproductive poop chute


Never wash your eggs... except before eating.

The microflora of a hens egg

All that "NOT SRIRACHA" consists of more types of bacteria (or microflora) than you would care to admit exits on the outside of the egg, even if it looks clean. That bacteria should definitely be removed before eating, cooking, juggling, touching any surface (like your face) or whatever else you want to do with your eggs.

Not exactly food safe (picture of a nasty sponge with chicken poop and feathers on it)

But the current options, AKA: scrubbers, washcloths, sponges, dish brushes, or paper towels, were never designed to effectively remove disease and debris. Or worse, they might even introduce different germs into your omelette or cookie dough.

So when you’re ready to eat, GoodEgg is perfect for the job!

the perfect brush

GoodEgg is specifically designed to cradle the unique shape of eggs and make highly-effective contact on hundreds of spots across the shell. Its 650+ flexible silicone nubs are deliberately sized and placed in a proprietary pattern to maximize debris removal while helping to prevent cracking the egg. You’ll get the hang of the flexible pressure and love how simple and quick this formerly tedious chore becomes. 🤌

General cleaning with GoodEgg

The nest-style design of the brush cradle allows for easy drainage of our natural enzyme cleanser and passive air flow for quick drying. 

And if you need a little extra oomph! in your elbow grease —you can squeeze the rim and expose one of the many rib-like squeegees around the bottom edge.

Spot cleaning


Eggcellent Cleanser.

Water isn’t enough for your hands after #2, is it? “But mom... they’re clean!!”

Uh yeah, they’re not. 🫵 Mom was right. Mom is always right. Listen to Mom.

You need a catalyst to help breakdown all that nasty bio-waste 💩 on the outside of your eggshell. Soap is one such catalyst, but we're not using soap. 

Soap can actually push bacteria and viruses 🦠 through the egg shell. No bueno 👎. We're not using soap, we're using enzymes. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that break down organic contaminants (including salmonella). 💪

egg wash demo

Our wash contains no soaps and no bleach. No more struggling to scrub off glued-on mud, poop, feathers, etc. GoodEgg Wash practically melts everything off the egg. After you’re done scrubbing, simply use some water to give the eggs their final rinse before eating. ✨😋