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The Full Eggcellent Kit

The Full Eggcellent Kit

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Crack into something awesome.

You're getting the whole kit, which includes:

  • 1 Small/Medium GoodEgg Brush
  • 1 Large/XL GoodEgg brush
  • 12 fl. oz. GoodEgg Wash 

The Original Egg Brush is thoughtfully designed with 650+ silicone nubs to scrub away the little nasties clinging to your eggs as effectively, efficiently, and easily as possible. And when you need a little extra oomph, you can squeeze the rim and use one of the many rib like squeegees around the bottom edge to spot clean.

GoodEgg Wash breaks down organic contaminants through the power of naturally derived enzymes. And bonus: this 99% organic food-grade cleanser will not penetrate the eggshell. 

  • 100% Food-Grade silicone brushes
  • Dishwasher safe and brush flips inside out for easy rinsing and cleaning
  • Gripping ridges on outside for wet handling
  • Easily removes glued-on mud, poop, and feathers
  • Patent Pending design
  • 99% organic food-grade cleanser
  • No bleach. No soap. No foaming agents. No dyes. No brainer.
  • 12 fl oz bottle is refillable (refills sold separately)
  • Made in the USA

Directions for use 

  • Pre-rinse the egg with warm water
  • For best results, pump GoodEgg Wash into the brush
  • Scrub that egg
  • Rinse with warm water and repeat as necessary


water, natural enzymes from plants, trace minerals, and water enhancing agents.


CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Should any irritation occur, seek medical attention. Do not ingest.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews

Great product

Buy it now!

It works great and the wash really works! This has made cleaning eggs easy!

Have Chickens, Need Good Egg Stuff!

Great cleaning products, love & easy to use!!

Good for chicks not duck eggs

I love the design and soap. Our chicken eggs are always free of debris so I assume they are being thoroughly cleaned with this product. However our duck eggs are always dirty and for the the scrubber and soap did not work well. I had to go back with a stiffer brush to remove visible dirt.

Hailey Wat
Not foaming

Maybe mine was defective as it isn’t foaming up enough so it just drips through. I feel like it isn’t staying in the scrubber enough to be effective.